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Installers of Solar Power


Solar power is of course environmentally friendly. But you do not need to consider yourself an environmentalist to realise

the benefits of using solar power. The main benefits are:

  • Your electricity bills will go down

  • It is environmentally friendly

  • Solar energy is clean and renewable

  • It does not pollute

  • Solar energy systems require very little maintenance

  • No recurring costs or adding extra fuel


Atlantic Roofing are professional installers of the Alwitra EVALON Solar power

generating roofing membrane for residential and commercial premises.


Our service includes:


Early planning


Professionally estimating the global irradiation at the location, developing the

technical concept for the pv system and providing a cost estimate.


Design stage


Production of specifications, individual wind uplift calculations and installation /





We provide detailed information on subsidies




Performance Profile


EVALON Solar is a high performance single ply roofing membrane with

flexible and lightweight photovoltaic (PV) modules for multi purpose roof

covering which offers;

  • Relaible protection of of building against precipitation

  • Direct conversion of solar energy into electric power

  • Flexible - no glass or frames, follows any shape roof

  • Only 1/3rd reflection of glass

  • Weather resistant

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Power generation in low light

  • 20% higher yield than crystalline solar cells

  • CE Certified

  • The first power generating roofing membrane on the world market



If you would like an expert consultation about what benefits power

generating roofing membrane can offer your premises please call us on

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