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Roof Gardens


Atlantic Roofing are trained and licensed roofing contractors of the I.C.B. Alwitra Roofing system. As such we are experts in the installation and

design of beautiful roof gardens.


Intensive Roof Gardens


Intensive roof gardens include plantings of small and medium shrubs, grassed

areas and occasionally trees. They may cover whole areas at the same level, be

stepped or form islands. In their flexibility of layout and use, they offer just as

many possibilities as a garden on the ground. The plants used make substantial

demands on the layers, and they require watering and feeding. This type of

cultivation can only be made to last by regular care.


Extensive Roof Gardens


Extensive roof gardens are areas of vegetation close to those found in nature,

and which to a great extent, look after themselves and develop naturally. They

require plants that are particularly suitable to extreme conditions and have a high

capacity for regeneration. These mainly self-contained areas are made up from

mosses, succulents, herbs and grasses. The vegetation is left at the mercy of

natural conditions. The costs of establishing extensive roof gardens are lower

than of intensive ones.



Getting Started


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